The GCSP encourages the establishment of Alumni Community Hubs to foster a greater sense of union among GCSP alumni living in the same area and to create a global community in international security policy.

GCSP Alumni Community Hubs can be diverse in nature; from large, formally structured organisations to more informal ones. The Hubs are founded and run autonomously by local alumni.

The association is free to decide how it wishes to organise itself – e.g. as an informal ad hoc group or a registered not-for-profit association – as long as the group (and, possibly, its by-laws) serves the GCSP’s mission and is in line with good association practice and it obeys the laws of its country. However, such a group may not be used for personal gain, lobbying, or political campaigning. Of course, any alumnus or alumna can get together of their own accord without a formal connection to the GCSP, but when such gatherings become more formalised, they will require the authorised use of the GCSP name and logo in connection with that activity.

Only one GCSP Alumni Community Hub will be recognised by the GCSP in each country. It is advisable to be in contact with the GCSP before establishing a regional Hub in order to avoid duplication. Recognised GCSP Alumni Community Hubs are listed on the GCSP website.

GCSP Alumni Affairs will support all initiatives for the establishment of GCSP Alumni Community Hubs.

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