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20th European Security Course

Examining Global Security Challenges Relative to Europe

This course (formerly ETC) examines European security within a regional and global context thus better assessing the inter-connectedness of transnational threats and responses. The course deepens participants’ understanding of the security policy challenges relative to Europe, and has done so for two decades.

Key benefits for you

The course provides an in-depth overview of European security issues framed in the broader international security context.

The course objectives are:

  • to provide you with a comprehensive and analytical overview of global security trends relative to Europe;
  • to develop your understanding of how Europe interfaces with the world on security issues;
  • to enhance your relevant skill sets to be effective security policy practitioners;
  • to promote mutual understanding and generate a community of security policy professionals.

Participant profile

Open to mid-career professionals from the private sector, national ministries and international organisations, as well as non-governmental organisations and civil society groups.

Candidates must have had exposure to peace and security issues. Serving officers must have completed an advanced military staff course.

Why you should attend

The course examines the global security landscape, the current trends and challenges in both hard and soft security, the European Union’s interests and impact, regional security architecture relative to Europe (EU, NATO and OSCE), as well as key state actors. The course also analyses Europe’s interaction and impact on its neighbours and other regions in the world. Relevant transnational challenges such as migration, terrorism and energy security among others are also explored.

Course focus

Course topics include:

  • The global security landscape: current trends and challenges
  • The European Union: interests, impact, power
  • European security architecture institutions and member states
  • Security in wider Europe
  • Europe in the world: Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia
  • Leadership in decision making
  • Skills enhancement modules including leadership, negotiation, conflict and political analysis


Geneva, Switzerland


The ESC is offered free of tuition charges to public sector and NGO participants as part of Switzerland’s contribution to the Partnership for Peace Programme. For other participants please contact GCSP for cost enquiries.

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20th European Security Course

Date 1 Feb - 24 Mar 2016

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