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Addressing Challenges in Global Health Security Executive Programme

How can we improve outbreak prevention and response, as well as biosecurity and biosafety measures at the national, regional and global levels?

How should we strengthen detection strategies and national laboratory systems? Why is a multi-sectoral response to biological incidents crucial? This executive programme answers these and other questions, providing security and health specialists with an in-depth analysis of global health security as an international security priority. It equips participants with the tools necessary to deal with the security challenges that health crises can pose at all levels. Participants explore and evaluate frameworks and implementation measures that will enable them to better prevent, detect, and combat health security emergencies.

Key programme benefits

  • Strengthening awareness of global health security threats, including objectives of on-going initiatives such as the Global Health Security Agenda
  • Learning how trends in other sectors can “spill-over” and impact health security
  • Building cross-sectoral networks among officials engaging in global health security issues
  • Recognising different actors with their respective responsibilities, including meeting experts in an on-site visit to the World Health Organization
  • Gaining new tools to strengthen skills in health crisis preparedness, including evaluating the implementation of prevention and detection strategies

Why this programme?

Leaders are expected to formulate policies for best practices and strategies for dealing with future health contexts and crisis scenarios. This programme provides an opportunity to learn the basics of current health practices, policies, implementation schemes, and approaches for the road ahead. Throughout the programme, participants will examine emerging health challenges and their governance implications. They will work together to understand and devise ways to mitigate potential health threats.

Programme focus

  • Overview of principal global health security threats
  • Understanding of inter-linkages between global heath security threats and other security challenges
  • Understanding the current measures and initiatives to address health security threats, including actors and best practices
  • Evaluating the strengths and limitations of existing global health responses and the International Health Regulations
  • Providing methodologies and toolkits to strengthen skills in health crisis preparedness

Participant profile

The programme is primarily aimed at government officials. It also seeks to engage the private and civil society sector, since a multi-stakeholder approach is often required to address health security challenges.


Geneva, Switzerland


CHF 1'500; as a contribution of Switzerland to the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), free of charge for GHSA member countries

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Addressing Challenges in Global Health Security Executive Programme

Date 6 - 9 Feb 2017

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