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Leadership in Anti-Corruption

Enabling you to effectively navigate the challenges posed by corruption

Corruption poses a serious threat to institutions in both the public and private sector: countries that suffer from systemic corruption create the conditions for social unrest, which can spill over into uprisings or revolutions. When company leaders or public sector leaders seek to implement genuine anti-corruption policies in highly corrupt environments, they are likely to face significant hurdles. In such contexts, genuine and strong leadership and creative thinking is critical. This course will provide participants with the tools to enhance their capacity in effectively navigating this highly complex and challenging context.

Key benefits for you

The course will enable you to:

  • Develop techniques and approaches to the challenges posed by corruption;
  • Implement more effective anti-corruption policies and reforms; and
  • Build a network of fellow experts and practitioners working in the field of anti-corruption.

Why you should attend

Challenging high levels of corruption in the public sector requires effective and creative leadership. In doing so, there are compelling reasons to seek pre-emptive solutions and to seek collaboration with other like-minded anti-corruption leaders, either in their own sector or in public-private or multistakeholder initiatives. This course will equip public and private sector leaders with an understanding of the particular requirements for leadership when it comes to the effective implementation of anti-corruption policies and reforms.

Participant profile

The course is open to senior managers from the public and private sectors, including leaders of corporate compliance departments and anti-corruption agencies.

Course design

The course will allow participants to develop an in-depth understanding of the fundamental challenged created by corruption. It will equip participants with techniques and approaches that allow them to develop appropriate response mechanisms, thus enabling them to more effectively tackle systemic corruption risks. Case examples will be used from countries where corruption and related security issues are serious threats and have been tackled through effective leadership being exercised by anti-corruption champions and strong business leadership.


Geneva, Switzerland


CHF 1500 - 20% alumni discount

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Leadership in Anti-Corruption

Date 21 - 23 Mar 2016

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