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Neurophilosophy of Global Security

How does the 'Emotional Amoral Egoism' of Man Shape the Global System?

Is morality innate or alterable? Are emotions and rational decisions intertwined? How critical to prosperous societies is the balance between human nature and human dignity?

Human nature is at the centre of political theory and public policy, but our notions of what that is exactly are often oversimplified and subjective, lacking scientific rigour. Significant advances in neuroscience, brain-imaging and neurochemistry are helping to elucidate what shapes our actions and emotions, as an individual and collectively. These new insights allow us to revisit the debate about what propels good, sustainable and accountable governance and leadership.



This course is designed for officials from governments and international organisations, as well as members of the security and defence policy planning and intelligence community. Journalists and people working in research and development or in international relations should also be interested in this course. The course is relevant to anyone with a professional interest in understanding international security challenges of the future.


Geneva, Switzerland


CHF 1'000. Apply one month before the course start date to qualify for a 15% discount. Alumni qualify for a 20% discount. Certain circumstances are eligible for scholarships.

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Neurophilosophy of Global Security

Date 23 - 24 May 2017

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