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20 Oct 2017
Clouding the Facts: Fake News, Climate Change and (In)Security

Do not miss the chance to discuss one of the biggest issues facing our generation.

30 Oct 2017
Beyond Grantmaking

The Role of Philanthropy in Conflict Prevention and Resolution

1 Nov 2017
Duty of Care

Is your organisation ready?

16 Nov 2017
Migration et Intégration à Genève: Qui fait quoi ?

Le GCSP éunit les représentant(e)s d’organisations locales et internationales basés à Genève et travaillant sur le thème de la migration.

23 Nov 2017
27 Nov 2017
Professional Workshop on Non-Violent Strategies

With Rajagopal P.V., Gandhian activist


Prof. Vitaly Naumkin

"It is important to come to Geneva, to be unbiased and to share views between experts on civil wars and conflicts."

Prof. Vitaly Naumkin, GCSP Associate Fellow
Dr Jon Alterman

"One of the interesting things about Geneva is how many different voices you can bring in."

Dr Jon Alterman, GCSP Associate Fellow
Amb. Jean-David Levitte

“Geneva is a place where peace can be built, and where the suffering of the poorest and weakest is taken into account.”

Amb. Jean-David Levitte, GCSP Associate Fellow