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Ms Sanela Music


Creator of the SanChild Association and the SanZen Healing Centre Project for Human Development and Emotional Relief

Sanela Music first grew up in Yugoslavia, a country which had disappeared from world maps by the time she became a teenager. Her peaceful childhood in her native Bosnia came to an abrupt end when war broke out in the early 90’s.

After leaving their home to escape the rising spiral of violence, Sanela Music and her family found themselves thrown on the roads of a country torn apart by a bitter conflict. In spite of the atrocities of which she had numerous first-hand accounts, Sanela managed to retain her sanity through her resilience. But there would be a high psychological price to pay.

Her reconstruction journey started when she and her family were admitted to Switzerland as war refugees. Whilst all material aspects of her reinsertion process were taken care of, Sanela retrospectively felt that she would have healed faster had she been exposed to more empathy, compassion and emotional healing techniques that she discovered in her late twenties.

After holding various management level positions as a HR consultant, currently HR Operations Lead in a multinational company, Sanela Music now wants to help people to heal from the scars of all wars and conflicts, a first step towards tapping into their unique compassionate potential as human beings. For that purpose she recently created The SanChild Association in Switzerland, and The SanZen Healing Centre Project for Human Development and Emotional Relief in Bosnia. She has already purchased a plot of land in the town of Olovo, Bosnia, to set up the multidisciplinary healing centre which she would like to link to similar projects in other countries.

Sanela Music’s journey is one of resilience and forgiveness. She is convinced that the seeds of peace grow primarily from the heart.