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13 Feb 2017
The Evolution of Private Space Shuttles: A Pilot's Perspective

A presentation from GCSP Fellow, Laurent Muhlematter 

13 Feb 2017
Mitigating Potential Threats

GCSP Holds Global Health Security Course

09 Feb 2017
Writing on the Wall: Redefining Security and Law

GCSP united Alumni and Fellows to redefine the nexus between security and law.

09 Feb 2017
GCSP Launches 21st European Security Course

Addressing the security challenges in Europe

07 Feb 2017
Bangui Colloquy

La construction de l’Etat dans un contexte post-conflictuel

07 Feb 2017
GCSP Continues to Strengthen Treaty Implementation

The first meeting of the Working Group on Effective Treaty Implementation (WGETI) of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) was held from 6 to 7 February 20017 in Geneva