14 November 2011 - 18 November 2011

Global Challenges Seminar: Leadership and Cooperation in Complex Environments

  • News: Lieutenant General Vincent Tesniere at the GCSP for a seminar on Leadership and Cooperation


    Designed to connect senior leaders from armed forces and international organisations, this seminar focuses on challenges in crosssector relationships and international humanitarian frameworks.



    The program delves into the complexity of the civil-dimension operations that are vital to strategy, conflict prevention, and mitigation all around the world. In particular, we will focus on leadership challenges in humanitarian assistance, stability operations, and CIMIC operations—those that require close coordination between civilian and military elements—in different contexts. These are multinational, multidimensional, and multi-organizational endeavors that require special consideration of cross-sector relationships and international humanitarian frameworks.



    Similar to last year’s seminar, the five days offer again the following:  

    • Access to featured keynote and plenary speakers on-site in international agencies and service organizations with considerable practical experience
    • Peer learning, discussion and informal consultation
    • Engagement with international faculty on key concepts and frameworks for action
    • Real-time site visits and panel discussions with Geneva-based practitioners


    Group photo.
    Group photo.

    Location: Geneva, Switzerland

    Venue: GCSP

    Course Leader: Colonel (GS) Arnold Teicht and Dr Karen Guttieri

    For any questions, please contact the Short Courses office