GCSP 15th Anniversary, 31 May-1 June 2010

01 December 2011 - 02 December 2011

Hosted Event: WILPF Non-militarized Security Workshop

The multilateral organisations have been established in order to assist in upholding the UN Charter. Over time, different legal frameworks and different mechanisms have been devised, or have evolved, to regulate how this is achieved. Ironically, these different legal frameworks have sometimes been seen as operating in isolation i.e. relevant to only the specific issue, and on occasion can be seen to be contradictory or incompatible.

The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) will be hosting a 2-day expert conference, organized by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), to examine the various legal frameworks with the aim of furthering coherence and hence more effective implantation and adherence. The conference will invite experts on different areas of law that will combine their knowledge of law and the applicable mechanisms, and discuss their intersection and application. The conference participants will specifically explore the relevant legal disciplines, to discuss their interrelatedness and to examine whether and how coherence to the international legal system and its monitoring mechanisms can be achieved.

In order to find an appropriate mechanism for dealing with these integrated issues, the links between the various responsible bodies and how to use doctrine from one discipline to inform another need to be explored.

The main focus of discussions will be put on;

  • The application of IHL and its relationship to disarmament and the regulatory framework that already exists.
  • The application of human rights as complementary to IHL and relevant to disarmament, including State obligations to maximize the use of available resources for the realization of economic, social, and cultural rights,
  • What is the gender analysis, the environmental analysis and how is the Responsibility to Protect relevant to the discussions?

The question of how the international mechanisms should, and could deal with international law in a more integrated manner will also be explored.

Venue: GCSP