Emerging Security Challenges Programme

The Emerging Security Challenges Programme tackles three ‘baskets’ of emerging issues:

To address these issues, the programme engages in three distinct yet complementary areas of work:

Head of Programme

Related topics

Global Risk and Resilience

Risk and resilience have risen conceptually as strategic and calculated responses to the needs of societies, organisations, business and governments addressing increasingly complex threats.


Securing cyber space is increasingly on the global security agenda, as the world grows more dependent on information and communication technologies.

Terrorism and Organised Crime

Terrorism and organised crime are among the leading global threats of our times.

Security and Law

GCSP’s Security & Law Initiative serves to enhance the capability and willingness of policy makers, shapers and implementers to effectively address emerging security challenges while ensuring compliance with recognized principles of international law.

Arms Proliferation

The Arms Proliferation cluster aims to promote innovative, cooperative and rule-of-law-based responses to the uncontrolled accumulation and spread of all categories of weapons.

Strategic Foresight

Given the fast pace of change and the many uncertainties in the global security environment, a forward-looking approach is an essential component of the decision-making process.

Human Security

The increasing complexity of security challenges calls for a human security approach, focusing on individuals and responding to threats multilaterally and cooperatively.

Related Related experts

Ms Caroline Ouaffo Wafang
Adviser on Women's Rights and Gender Section, OHCHR
Dr Gilles Poumerol
former Acting Chief, International Health Regulations Secretariat & global Functions (IHR), World Health Organization
Mr Vicente Paolo B. Yu
Deputy Executive Director of the South Centre
Ms Beris Gwynne
Founder and Managing Director, Incitāre
Mr Adam Kahane
Director Montreal. Reos Partners
Ms Natalie Hatour
Principal Geneva, Reos Partners
Ms Mille Bojer
Director Geneva, Reos Partners
Mr Laurent Muhlematter
Researcher, developer and analyst of civilian space shuttle
Mr Jose Victor Angelo
Senior International Advisor, Geneva Centre for Security Policy
Professor Ilona Kickbusch
Director of the Global Health Centre, Graduate Institute of Int'l and Development Studies
Prof Dr Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg
Chair of Public Law, Europa-Universität Viadrina
Mr Tobias Vestner
Cluster Leader, Security and Law Programme
Mr Jean-Pierre Therre
Executive Vice President, Head of Technology Risk and Corporate Continuity Management, Pictet & Cie Group
Dr Jean-Marc Rickli
Global Risk and Resilience Cluster Leader, in the Emerging Security Challenges Programme
Mr Aapo Cederberg
Former Senior Programme Advisor, Emerging Security Challenges Programme, GCSP
Dr Christina Schori Liang
Senior Programme Advisor and Senior Fellow, Emerging Security Challenges Programme; Terrorism and Organized Crime Cluster Leader
Anne-Caroline Pissis Martel
Ms Anne-Caroline Pissis Martel
Head of the Global Fellowship Initiative; GCSP Press Officer
Ms Emily Munro
Deputy Head, Emerging Security Challenges Programme; Strategic Foresight Cluster Leader; and Director, New Issues in Security Course
Ms Anna Brach
Course Director, European Security Course; Senior Programme Officer, Emerging Security Challenges Programme; Human Security Cluster Responsible
Mr Marc Finaud
Senior Programme Advisor, Emerging Security Challenges Programme; Arms Proliferation Cluster Leader