Regional Development Programme

The Regional Development Programme seeks to enhance the ability of national and regional, state and non-state institutions to understand and operate globally in a fast-changing security environment.

To address these issues, the programme engages in three distinct yet complementary areas of work:

Head of Programme

Col. (GS) Christian Bühlmann
Head of the Regional Development Programme

Related topics

Regional Challenges

Current security challenges have a transnational, if not global, impact that transcends boundaries and brings in a multitude of non-state actors.  

Defence and Diplomacy

The emergence of new, non-state actors and the growing complexity of world politics due to new global powers set the scene for a renewed and transformed relationship between defence and diplomacy.

Political Transitions

Multifaceted challenges and complex tasks are associated with the process of political transitions, with implications for the domestic, regional and international security environment.

Institutional Cooperation

To successfully manage the current and future security environment, invested actors must confront themselves not only with an in-group but also with other points of views.

Gender and Security

Unequal access to education and health, political and economic participation, and vulnerability to violence are some key security challenges that gender inequalities permit.

Related Related experts

Mr Syed Tariq Fatemi
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Pakistan
Col. (GS) Stefan C.P. Hinz
Senior Programme Advisor, Regional Development Programme
Col. Urs Amiet
Senior Programme Advisor, Regional Development Programme; Defence and Diplomacy Cluster Responsible
Col. (GS) Christian Bühlmann
Head of the Regional Development Programme
Alain Guidetti
Mr Alain Guidetti
Senior Diplomatic Advisor, Regional Development Programme
Ms Alexandra Tokareva
Senior Programme Officer, Regional Development Programme; Political Transitions Cluster Responsible