Regional Development Programme

The Regional Development Programme seeks to enhance the ability of national and regional, state and non-state institutions to understand and operate globally in a fast-changing security environment.

To address these issues, the programme engages in three distinct yet complementary areas of work:


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Head of Programme

Col. (GS) Christian Bühlmann
Head of the Regional Development Programme

Related topics

Regional Challenges

Regional challenges are scrutinized under multiple perspectives, such as diplomacy, economics, culture or international relations, by experts as well as practitioners.

Military Diplomacy

Military Diplomacy seeks to help creating a secure, stable, and prosperous, international, and regional, environment by building and maintaining trust between friendly armed forces and countries.

Political Transitions

The aim is to equip participants with both the conceptual and practical tools for understanding the nature of transitions and addressing efficiently the challenges they raise. 

Institutional Cooperation

In order to cope with current and future developments of the environment, government officials, diplomats, military officers, international civil servants, NGO staff, as well as private sector must get information, analysis, take part in discussions, and access synthesis on specialized topics.

Related experts

Stefan Hinz
Col. (GS) Stefan C.P. Hinz
Senior Programme Advisor, Regional Development Programme
Col. (GS) Christian Bühlmann
Head of the Regional Development Programme
Alain Guidetti
Mr Alain Guidetti
Senior Diplomatic Advisor, Regional Development Programme
Alexandra Tokareva
Ms Alexandra Tokareva
Senior Programme Officer, Regional Development Programme
Ms Miriam Fugfugosh
Ms Miriam Fugfugosh
Senior Programme Officer, Regional Development Programme; Gender Focal Point