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At the GCSP, we believe that effective and forward-looking leaders and institutions need to build a broad picture of what is happening, discover the intricacies of geopolitics, develop new skills and foster the learning agility to lead in times of tumultuous change. 

The GCSP educates, facilitates, analyses and inspires.

Our activities are organised by themes. Find your interests below, or check out our course finder to browse all of our open-enrolment courses.

The Leadership, Crisis and Conflict Management Programme prepares leaders for tomorrow's challenges, delivers innovative leadership courses for international organisations, governments and the corporate sector, and generates high-quality research.

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Crisis Management

> Diplomatic Tradecraft

> Gender and Inclusive Security



The programme identifies future challenges, finds novel solutions to transnational threats, and gauges the impact of new technologies.

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Arms Proliferation

Cyber Security

Human Security

> Global Risk and Resilience

Security and Law

Strategic Foresight

Terrorism and Organised Crime

The Regional Perspectives Programme enhances regional and international cooperation, tackles regional security challenges, connects civilian and military actors and institutions, and provides effective skills and tools for state officials.

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Defence and Diplomacy

> Effective Governance

Regional Challenges

The programme identifies and analyses transformative technologies, incorporates neuroscience into international affairs, and examines the multiple dimensions of global security.

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Outer Space Security

> Transformative Technologies

Neurophilosophy of Global Security

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