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Ms Sanaz Shahrokni


Peace and Conflict resolution expert and Rotary Peace Fellow

Sanaz Shahrokni has a Master degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution from University of Queensland, Australia and a diploma in teaching and in French language and culture from the University of Geneva. She has worked in different organizations active in human rights education for young people. She has used her teaching skills to help immigrants in Geneva to integrate easier into society as well as teaching young children though role playing and visualization tools, basic mediation skills and techniques to resolve personal conflicts and to learn more about others. Sanaz has worked as a school teacher/health worker in the Solomon Islands. In this position, Sanaz engaged the community in gender relative issues and raised environmental awareness. She has a great passion for peace education especially for youth and works on innovative ways to teach peace and conflict resolution subjects to children. The project contains and works on different notions such as gender, multiculturalism, mediation, empathy, racism, peace building etc. Sanaz is fluent in English, French and Farsi with a basic knowledge of Arabic and Spanish.