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International security has been profoundly transformed in recent years. Today, in the early twenty-first century, professionals have to update their matrix to understand and navigate these fast-evolving challenges.

With 20 years of experience in executive education, applied policy research and dialogue activities in the field of international security, and drawing upon a rich network in global affairs, our Centre – located in the heart of 'International Geneva' – addresses present needs and anticipates future challenges.

Our three guiding principles? Impartiality, independence and inclusiveness.

We are delivering innovative solutions to individuals and institutions from all sectors and industries (governments, international organisations, civil society, private sector, academia, media, etc.), based on a careful analysis and understanding of their needs.

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You wish to:

Apply for one of our open-enrollment courses

We offer 40+ courses every year, covering a broad range of international security and foreign policy issues. It is our mission to provide you the best training solutions in our field, in a readily accessible format, carefully designed to meet your needs.

Develop a customised solution for your government or organisation

Besides our open-enrollment courses, we work bilaterally with orgnisations and governments around the world to develop tailor-made and demand-driven projects and courses, adapted to their needs.

Become a GCSP Fellow

GCSP's Global Fellowship Initiative brings together a vibrant, multidisciplinary, multicultural and multigenerational network of like-minded experts from different horizons.

Rent a room in our Maison de la paix building

We offer modern, spacious, fully equipped conference rooms available in the heart of “International Geneva”, next to United Nations agencies and other major international organisations.

You are:

From the public, non-profit or private sector

For us, it is essential to partner with – and better understand the needs of – your organisation or government in order to help you address your priorities for professional development, and executive and diplomatic education.

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From a permanent mission

Being based in Geneva – the capital of peace and a worldwide centre for multilateral diplomacy – provides many opportunities. Learn more about what we can offer you and what you can do for us.

A journalist

Visit our Press Room and get the latest news and insights from the GCSP community, request an interview with a GCSP expert, download our key resources, or register for our events.