Governments and Private/Non-Profit Organisations

We consider it essential to partner with – and understand the needs of – governments and organisations from the non-profit and private sectors in order to ensure that our courses and activities consistently address their priorities for professional development as well as executive and diplomatic education.

Professional development opportunities we offer:

  • Comprehensive courses (including a residential Masters programme) that unpack and analyse the most pressing and complex transnational security issues, and critically review current and future policy responses.
  • Targeted courses that focus on understanding and responding to emerging transnational and global security issues, and the prospects they present for the future.
  • Courses that deepen understanding and the ability to navigate the cross-section of issues that are unique to a particular region and the wider security implications they present.
  • A variety of courses that build strategic capabilities and develop professional skills essential to foreign and security policy advisors and decision makers.

Other ways we can support you:

  • Through partnering with you to design and deliver customised courses that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organisation or ministry.
  • By providing mid- or high-level staff from your organisation or ministry who are in between assignments/missions, preparing for a new position, or are on sabbatical with the opportunity to take part in a 2-6 month (or more) residency at the GCSP, as part of our Global Fellowship Initiative.
  • By being commissioned to host public discussions or dialogue events as part of your capacity-building, outreach and/or relationship-building activities.