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Comprehensive peacebuilding for the 21st century 2019

How to overcome challenges and build sustainable peace

The face of conflict has transformed from the geopolitical power shifts of conventional warfare to more fluid, transnational aggression often initiated by non-state groups. Peacebuilding is rapidly evolving. In recent years, peacebuilding interventions have grown in size, complexity and in the diversity of actors involved. No single set of actors can address the multiplicity of post-conflict issues — a comprehensive approach is required. Peacebuilders must rise to the challenge of applying international best practices while ensuring national ownership.


The course is open to individuals currently working in the field of peacebuilding from:

  • governments,
  • civil society organisations,
  • international organisations and,
  • the military.


Geneva, Switzerland

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Comprehensive peacebuilding for the 21st century 2019

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