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Disruptive Technologies and Geopolitics 2019

Understanding the impact of disruptive and emerging technologies on geopolitics

Almost every technological advance is considered a breakthrough, yet not every new technology has an impact on geopolitics and international security. AI’s breakthroughs in the gaming industry are being transfered in other sectors which are much more strategic such as the military or the business world.

This course therefore analyses the impact of current disruptive technologies and the risks and opportunities they represent to geopolitics, national and international security as well as the way they alter the use of force and the character of war.


This course is designed for

  • government, international and nongovernmental organisation officials
  • Journalists, engineers and professionals working in research and development, risk management as well as in the defence industry.
  • Professionals in the private sector with an interest in emerging technologies and their socio-political and geopolitical consequences.


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Disruptive Technologies and Geopolitics 2019

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