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Geopolitical Leadership for Organisational Impact (GLOI) - BLENDED COURSE

Think the unthinkable, discover the unpredictable, and deal with the unmanageable…

Step One: Grasp the impact of geopolitics on business through a free digital environment

Navigate through a FREE and self-paced digital learning environment to better understand how geopolitical trends and events affect your company’s operations and investments. Get access to an introductory overview of four complementary professional development modules, enabling you to build specific competencies and improve both your individual and business performance.

Step Two: Enhance your geopolitical leadership skills by participating in on-site modules at GCSP   

Seize the opportunity to enhance and deepen your geopolitical leadership skills by attending one or more of the four interactive residential modules, introduced to you through the online platform:    

IMPORTANT: Subscription to the GLOI course grants you automatic access to the online platform but does not require you to attend the four paid residential modules above. The digital platform provides you with an overview of the on-site professional development opportunities delivered by GCSP geopolitical experts.

To attend one residential module: Please register directly with the module you are interested in. You can access those pages by clicking on the module titles provided above.

Learning objectives

Participating in this blended learning journey will enable you to:

  • Understand the impact of geopolitics on business
  • Collaborate more effectively with other leaders to identify risks
  • Make informed decisions when implementing mitigation strategies to affect change within your company
  • Leverage geopolitical insights to increase business impact and grow trust with clients
  • Anticipate global risks to improve systems and compliance policies

Who should attend

This course is designed for business leaders and managers from the private sector who are faced with grasping the rapid changing dynamics of their industry and business, such as chief economists, chief strategic officers, chief investment officers, chief risks officers, chief security officers, strategists, chief financial officers and chief executive officers. It is also relevant to journalists and to corporate learning professionals.


Online + Geneva, Switzerland


Access to the GLOI online learning environment is FREE. You will receive your login information after registering through the GCSP website.

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Geopolitical Leadership for Organisational Impact (GLOI) - BLENDED COURSE

Date Opened 13 June 2017

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