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Swiss Peacebuilding Training Course (SPTC), 2018

A Core Course in Peacebuilding

The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) offers a two-week professional training course on peacebuilding on behalf of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) for members of the Swiss Expert Pool for Civilian Peacebuilding (SEP) and selected international participants.


In addition to members of the Swiss Expert Pool, the course is open to international participants who already have deployment experience in peacebuilding missions, whether they be civilian or military.

International participants should be affiliated with: Government ministries, organisations and institutions active in the field of peacebuilding, non-governmental organisations, or traditional authorities.


The Swiss Expert Pool for Civilian Peacebuilding (SEP) aims to reinforce Swiss foreign and security policy in the area of international peacebuilding. Each year, approximately 200 people – about 70 at any given time on average – are deployed in the field. The SEP is composed of volunteers and provides experienced personnel for both bilateral and multilateral missions. Members of the SEP are deployed through a rapid-response mechanism to assist in areas such as human rights, democratisation, the rule of law, election support and security sector reform.

The Swiss Expert Pool Training Course, initially created to prepare candidates for their deployment, now provides a holistic approach to peacebuilding training. Due to its positive reputation, the number of participants in the course from governments other than Switzerland, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations has risen significantly over the years.

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Stans, Switzerland


The costs of the course are covered by the Swiss FDFA, the GCSP and the Swiss Armed Forces. Participants or their Institutions are required to cover travel costs to Switzerland.

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Swiss Peacebuilding Training Course (SPTC), 2018

Date 2 - 14 Sep 2018

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