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Collaborating with the Enemy

Partnering with unlikely allies to address complex challenges.

Collaboration is increasingly difficult and increasingly necessary. Many of us have come to the conclusion that we need to reach out to new allies and partners to be able to address our complex challenges. But real collaboration is often more difficult than we expect: these others think differently from us, we do not see common ground, and our trust is low.

On the occasion of the launch of his new book, “Collaborating with the Enemy: How to work with people you dont agree with, like or trust”, GCSP will host best-selling author Adam Kahane in a public event to address an increasingly central challenge of our time:  how we can deal effectively with complex and conflictual situations that we find problematic and want to change, but that we cannot change alone or by working only with our colleagues and friends. Kahane, who has faced this challenge many times, working on crucial issues like peace and security, democracy, jobs, drugs, sustainable development, and climate change, offers a new framework (“stretch collaboration”) for working with this kind of situation.

Kahane will present the central ideas of this new approach and engage in dialogue with the participants. 

Opening Address and Chair

Ms Anna Brach, GCSP

Mr Adam Kahane, Reos Partners 


In Partnership With:

Reos Partners is an international social enterprise that helps people move forward together on their most important and intractable issues. We design, facilitate, and guide processes that enable teams of stakeholders to make progress on their toughest challenges. Our approach is systemic, collaborative, and creative.  We partner with governments, corporations, and civil society organizations on challenges such as education, health, food, energy, environment, development, justice, security, and peace. We operate both globally and locally, with offices in Cambridge (Massachusetts), Geneva, Johannesburg, Melbourne, Montréal, São Paulo, and The Hague. Our name comes from the Greek “rheos,” which means “flow.”

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