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Cyber Security and How to Operationalise Cyber Strategies

Cyber threats have emerged as one of the most significant business risks facing organizations. Millions of dollars are spent each year on technology, hoping that it will “fix” the cyber problem.

Protecting networks at all levels and the establishment of permanent monitoring to detect any suspicious activities are the first building blocks of cybersecurity. But these measures alone cannot suffice. Nation states are developing  more holistic strategies to address these threats that have become critical  economic, strategic and sovereign issues.

Rather than adding more technology based tools, organizations need to implement a new, more efficient enterprise security model, because simply implementing the best technology is not enough.

The leitmotiv is always the same: reduce risk, increase the level of mutual trust and ultimately structure the market. But what are the chances of success of such a strategy? Beyond this important phase of dialogue, a more detailed analysis of current actions will highlight how business executives and government officials are demanding that cyber threats be addressed as an enterprise risk and holistically.


Professor Alexandre Vautravers, Associate Fellow at the GCSP


Ms Michelle Watson, Director and Co-Founder Cyber Intelligence Institute

Mr Geoff Hancock, Associate Director of the CII and Chairman of the Board of Advisors

Ms Patricia Schouker, Energy Analyst and Instructor ‘Cyber Intelligence for Critical Infrastructure,’ The Cyber Intelligence Initiative

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