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Duty of Care


Is your organisation ready?

People are key to any organisation, no less so in today’s many volatile, insecure and troubled areas. Organisations are increasingly concerned with the Duty of Care they owe towards their staff – i.e. staff’s health, safety and security at the workplace – be it while travelling or posted abroad for extended periods. Organisations may be concerned with the broad ethical and moral parameters but there are also legal responsibilities and obligations. And, of course, law applies to all sectors of activity, irrespective of whether it is corporate, government or non-profit.
Under the law, organisations have the obligation to take reasonable, practicable measures that reduce the risk of foreseeable incidents, injury or damage to health of their staff. And individual staff are obliged to follow their employer’s directives.
Law, jurisprudence and practices evolve, particularly in the face of new risks.
The GCSP, Securaxis, Loyco and Agefi invite you to a conference on Duty of Care.
Taken together, the implementation of duty of care is seen as contributing to the organisation’s resilience and to the well-being and resilience of staff, both leading to improvement of performance and success.


Michel Chavanne, Attorney at law, SBA Specialist in Employment Law

Maarten Merkelbach, Duty of Care specialist and consultant 

Jean-Marc Rickli, Cluster Leader, Global Risk and Resilience, GCSP
Mailys Serrano, Global Risk & Security Director chez Nestlé Skin Health
Virginie Vion, Head of International & Special Risk Solutions, Loyco

Gaetan Vannay, Chief Operating Officer, Securaxis; Former Journalist-in-Residence, GCSP

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