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Future Challenges in Cyberspace

Alumni debate and reception, organised jointly with our Nordic Alumni Community Hub

Today's world is more interconnected than ever. Yet for all its benefits, the increased connectivity brings along an increased risk. On Tuesday, 8 September 2015 at the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters, GCSP’s Senior Programme Advisor, cyber expert and retired Colonel of the Finnish Armed Forces Aapo Cederberg debated the major trends and future challenges in cyberspace, in front of an audience of GCSP alumni and officers of the Swedish Armed Forces. This event was the first edition of the autumn event series organised by the Swedish GCSP Alumni Community Hub. Isabelle Gillet, GCSP Alumni Affairs responsible gave a brief introduction on the Alumni Community Hub, lead by the NISC alumnus Mr Niclas Sjöquist.

The GCSP offers an expanding portfolio of cyber-related activities. Whether providing a course specifically on “Cyberweapons: National Interests, Technologies, and Markets” or “Devising a National Cyber Strategy and Policy”, bringing cyber case studies to our yearly courses, or a new initiative such as the Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge, the GCSP harnesses its network as well as provides in-house expertise. In the recent policy paper written by Col. Aapo Cederberg on “Future Challenges in Cyberspace”, he outlines how each level (political, military, economic, technical, citizen) has different aspects to it (legal, situational awareness, knowledge, international cooperation, co-ordination, PPP-model, crisis management), each of which must be considered for comprehensive cyber resilience.

In connection with this event, a meeting with a select group of GCSP alumni took place on Monday, 7 September 2015 at the Swiss Embassy in Helsinki, to discuss the establishment of a Finnish GCSP Alumni Community Hub. Finland joined the Centre’s Foundation Council in 1995 and strongly supports its activities and courses. Over 50 representatives of the Finnish government and academic institutions have joined the GCSP’s courses over the past 20 years. Today, these course graduates are positioned in significant roles in the Finnish Ministry of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Defence University and more. The meeting was followed by a dinner hosted by the Swiss Ambassador, Maurice Darier. Future GCSP course participants and other graduates joined the delegation.

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Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters, Stockholm

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