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Geneva Launch of the Global Terrorism Index Report 2015

A GCSP Public Discussion

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In association with:
Institute for Economics and Peace


GCSP - Maison de la paix

Terrorism is dominating global news headlines. But what do we actually know about terrorism? How many people were killed in terrorist attacks last year? Which countries suffer the greatest impact from terrorism? Who are the terrorist organisations and whom are they targeting? What are the factors that lead to terrorism?

The GCSP was pleased to host Mr Steve Killelea, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) to present the third edition of the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) report. Produced by the IEP, the GTI ranks countries by the impact of terrorist activities. The report identifies trends in terrorism, analyses its geographic, economic and political dimensions, and spots its changing patterns. Founded in 2007, the IEP aims to impact traditional thinking on matters of security, defence, terrorism and development, using data driven research. Ambassador Stephan Husy then discussed Switzerland’s strategy to counter terrorism from a policy-oriented perspective.

The GCSP hosted the event, with the objective to present the results of the report to a broader Geneva audience, enhancing dialogue and exchange on this topic. The event was part of a series of GTI launch events across the globe. It is also a contribution to the 2015 “Geneva Peace Week” — an initiative facilitated by the United Nations Office at Geneva and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform that highlights the importance of working outside silos to enable innovative policy and decision making in international peace and security.

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