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Guessing on US Foreign Policy

Everyone is still guessing what shape the US foreign policy may take under the Trump Administration, after eight months in office.

Some invoke isolationism as this concept describes the behavior of a nation that decides to restrain its interactions with the rest of the world. They refer to the waning leadership of the US in international institutions and its increasingly limited influence over the course of international affairs. Others take aim at the way the US distances itself from multilateral trade frameworks (and questions their very existence), as much as it abstains from global efforts at coping with global challenges, such as climate change. All seem to agree that unpredictability will be a footprint of this Administration, but unpredictability doesn’t make a foreign policy, much less a strategy in the face of an imperiled world order.

Dr James Lindsay, Senior Vice-President of the US Council of Foreign Relations, one of the leading think tanks in Washington, will share his views on the question at the core of current international affairs.

The public discussion will be moderated by Dr Paul Vallet, Associate Fellow at the GCSP.

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