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Inspiring Women Leaders: Leadership Embodiment

Strengthen your skills, build your connections.

Many of us feel increasing pressure to take the right decisions and stay on top of all the demands that come our way. A state of constant stress and high pressure causes stress hormones to shut down a part of the brain that accesses creativity, big picture thinking, innovation and risk taking. It limits our ability to be powerful and effective leaders.

Leadership Embodiment enables us to develop centered, powerful leadership by mastering techniques to access our creative abilities with confidence and integrity even in situations of conflict and under stress. It builds on three key leadership competencies of effective leaders: inclusiveness, centered listening and speaking up. It is based on key learnings from the non-violent martial art of Aikido and mindfulness, and has been developed by Wendy Palmer, holder of an Aikido Black belt, over the last 40 year.

Leadership Embodiment is now practiced all over the world, from the Silicon Valley to small communities in South Africa, across all sectors and backgrounds. Leaders who are practicing leadership embodiment techniques say that they are more resilient and have the capacity to deal with paradox and difficult situations with more balance and ease.

This interactive workshop will enable you to increase your leadership presence and your ability to speak up while at the same time encouraging collaboration. You will:

1) Understand the Neuroscience behind the impact of stress on your body,

2) Have a clear understanding of your own reactive stress patterns and learn how to recognize them early on,

3) Learn how to coach yourself to shift into a more centered state so that even under stress and pressure, you can choose how to respond creatively and resourcefully in any situation.

If you want to be more resilient, better at taking decisions under pressure, able to speak up and being truly hear or deal effectively in situations of conflict, in other words being an effective leader, this workshop is for you!  

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GCSP, Maison de la paix, Chemin Eugène Rigot 2D, 1202 Geneva


Cost: 175CHF. Participants of the previous workshop(s) benefit from a 20% discount.

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