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Leveraging Polarities in Turbulence: Transforming Vicious Cycles into Virtuous Cycles

Concerned about increasing polarisation? Not sure how to approach entrenched, intractable problems?
Learn to be more effective and leverage polarity by exploring the powerful paradigm offered in this workshop.

Increasing complexity and turbulence requires enhancing leadership capacity. This turbulence often shows up in the form of polarised tensions, for example law enforcement in tension with community engagement. Leaders need to develop the ability to leverage underlying polarities (dilemmas, paradoxes) in constructive and actionable ways.

The question, here, for example, is not, "How do we choose EITHER law enforcement OR community engagement?" The question is "How do we BOTH enforce the law AND engage the community?" Leaders who see and address underlying polarities are highly effective in leading change, conflict resolution, etc. This session offers skill development and tools to help you effectively see and lead polarities.

The GCSP, co-organiser of the workshop, is proud to host 10 alumni. An invitation will reach you to join the lucky draw and win your seat at the workshop.


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SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre, Mont des Arts, 1000 Brussels, Belgium - Studio 314

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