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On the Brink

An innovative war game

Faced with a major security crisis, an emergency committee has to make imminent decisions in a rapidly deteriorating environment. Its members have all been involved in critical situations at the highest levels of government. This time, from inside our studio, you will see how they operate under intense pressure and set their priorities.

What are the factors that drive their responses? How do they negotiate a complex political and security minefield? At the close of the 60-minute session, moderator Tim Sebastian will open the floor for your questions and comments to our experts, who will explain their actions and the rationale behind them.

On the Brink offers a rare behind-the-scenes look at crisis-management. It tests decision-making under pressure by staging public crisis scenarios or war games with the very officials who have been tasked with handling such emergencies. They include key figures from a range of backgrounds, including politics, media, the military and intelligence.

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