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The Security Implications of Brexit

A Conversation with Manuel Muñiz

On 23 June, the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union, raising all kinds of policy issues to be addressed moving forward. 

This public discussion will examine the security dimensions and wider implications of 'Brexit' for Europe and beyond. Among the key issues at stake is the relationship between the EU and NATO, which was already unstable at the strategic level but risks being weakened further. At the operational level, there are a number of potential consequences for data- and intelligence-sharing, which are crucial to efforts to counter terrorism or other transnational threats. At the geopolitical level, the 'Brexit' will inevitably lead to a reassessment of the relationship between the UK, the EU, or NATO and global powers such as the United States and Russia, putting the future of Euro-Atlantic security in question. The social and economic consequences are wide-ranging and unforeseen. 



Mr Manuel Muñiz, Director of the Program on Transatlantic Relations at Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs 



Prof. Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, Deputy Director and Academic Dean, GCSP and Adjunct Professor, Graduate Institute, Geneva 

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