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The Transformation of Strategy in the Turbulent 21st Century?

A conference by Martin van Creveld, Prof. Emeritus at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Are global power shifts, new technological advances, and resulting societal developments leading towards a re-transformation of strategy?

Prof. Martin van Creveld is one of the world’s best-known experts on military history and strategy. He is the author of the 1991 book The Transformation of War (UK: On Future War), which was the first to predict the demise of conventional war and the rise of terrorism. Within this work, he develops the  non-trinitarian theory of warfare,  countering the famous work by Clausewitz, On War, which was described as “an audacious searching examination of the nature of war and of its radical transformation in our own time.” More than twenty-five years later, our international security environment is described as increasingly complex, fragmented and turbulent. Is another transformation in strategic thinking necessary?

The author of some thirty other books, which between them have been published in twenty languages, he has acted as a military consultant for several countries, appeared in hundreds of TV and radio shows, and written for, or been interviewed in, hundreds of magazines and papers. Prof. van Creveld has also taught or lectured in virtually every important institute of higher strategic learning, both military and civilian, in the world.

Moderation by Dr Christina Schori Liang, Senior Programme Advisor and Senior Fellow, Emerging Security Challenges Programme; Terrorism and Organized Crime Cluster Leader, GCSP.

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