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UN 2030: Rebuilding Order in a Fragmenting World

Chair’s Report - Independent Commission on Multilateralism

Launch of the Chair’s Report, by the Chair of the Independent Commission on Multilateralism (ICM), the Honorable Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Australia, President of the Asia Society Policy Institute.

Through Mr Rudd’s extensive consultations and travels as Chair of the ICM, he has gained valuable insights that build on his vast international and domestic political experience. In this report, he provides his personal views on the world situation and suggestions for how the UN can be adapted to cope with the rapid pace of change. The core argument of Mr Rudd’s report is that the UN matters, and if it fails, falters, or fades away it would fundamentally erode the stability of an already fragile global order. But at the same time, he argues, we tend to take the UN for granted, overlooking the reality that its continued existence is not inevitable. The UN, while not yet broken, is in trouble. The report concludes, however, that the UN is capable of reinventing itself. This requires not one-off reforms but a continual process of reinvention to ensure the institution is responding to the policy challenges of our time. Mr Rudd’s report also details his suggestions regarding a range of principles for UN reform, and outlines a series of recommendations for the future in peace and security, sustainable development, humanitarian engagement, and UN management.

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