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Why Leadership is Crucial to the Future of Conflict Prevention

Geneva Peace Week Event

Part of the Geneva Peace Week

This event will challenge the speakers and the audience to reflect on our understanding of leadership required for conflict prevention work. Three speakers will share their stories of how they used their influencing skills to mobilise support for preventive strategies in response to conflict challenges:

  • Col. Maj. Abou Tarka, will share stories (in French) from his experience in leading efforts to build social cohesion within Niger and mobilising collective responses to prevent violence spilling over from neighbouring countries
  • Elvir Djuliman will share stories from his experience of building trust and courage within deeply divided societies in Mostar, Herzegovina, to shift attitudes to segregation through efforts to promote integrated education.
  • Hiba Qasas will share stories from her experience in supporting coalition building amongst diverse and polarized  women and civil society organizations in Iraq and Syria 

 While the stories of leadership are both personal and deeply rooted in their local contexts (of Niger, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Syria), the discussion, moderated by Victor Angelo, will explore common strategies and tactics used to inspire and influence.

In conclusion, Peter Cunningham from the GCSP-CCL Leadership Alliance will ask audience members to share their thoughts on how leadership can be exercised at individual,  organisational and societal levels to build peace, and share their knowledge on how these individual and collective capacities can be developed.

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