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28th International Training Course in Security Policy (ITC)

The ITC is designed to train participants who will serve in the broad area of security policy and will interact in some form with international agencies engaged in security-related political and military decision-making. The course will be of particular use to those whose future careers are likely to be related to the topics in the course.


Information about the ITC:

  • Duration: 8 months, offered once a year by invitation only
  • Created: 1986
  • Participants: from PfP and partner countries
  • Alumni: 500 (58 countries)


The course offers a broad overview of international security issues, with a special focus on the contemporary regional and global security environment, including security concepts, the main actors (states and institutions) as well as transnational and international sources of insecurity (e.g., proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, international terrorism and environmental change). Additionally, there are special sessions/seminars held on important issues, one of which is aimed especially at participants earmarked as future Defence Attachés.

The ITC is run by an international faculty composed of highly qualified academics and practitioners with broad experience in diplomacy and/or military affairs. Additionally, participants will be addressed by some 150 high-ranking diplomats, military officers, government officials and distinguished experts from across the Euro-Atlantic community and beyond. During the Alumni Conferences, current and former participants of the ITC meet to discuss topical security issues in a different capital of a Euro-Atlantic Partnership country.

A particular focus of ITC-28 will be to familiarise participants with modern working methods, negotiating tactics, security policy decision-making, as well as drafting and briefing skills. Special courses and simulation exercises will be conducted throughout the year to that end.

The course is geared to give expert training in international security policy to mid-career diplomats, civil servants and military officers as well as the wider community of security experts, including academia, the media and NGOs. The participants should ideally be between 25-45 years of age (with at least two years professional experience). All participants must possess an advanced level of English that permits them to actively participate in the ITC from the very beginning.

Invitations to the course are issued by the Swiss Government to partner countries sending government employees, though participants may also directly enroll through the Masters of Advanced Studies in International and European Security (MAS) programme. The ITC is free of charge as part of the contribution of Switzerland to the Partnership for Peace. Scholarships are made available to a number of state-sponsored East-central European, South-east European and Eastern European countries as well as some other PfP, MD and ICI states and other countries.



Geneva, Switzerland

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28th International Training Course in Security Policy (ITC)

Date 7 Oct 2013 - 29 May 2014

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