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Mr Eric Marclay


Former Regional Director of Operations for East Africa, ICRC

Eric Marclay has worked with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for over 20 years, leading complex operations in highly volatile and conflict prone contexts, last as Regional Director of Operations for East Africa. His long-term field assignments brought him first to Africa, among which Somalia during the early 90’s war, Angola and Rwanda during the transition phases, and Darfour at the onset of the conflict. His second and main geographical area of mission was the Middle East, with missions in Israel & Occupied Territories for over 5 years, Iraqi Kurdistan during the internal conflict, Egypt and Yemen during the “Arab Spring”, and multiple visits throughout the region from Mauritania to Iran as the Senior Deputy Head of Operations for the Middle-East and North Africa. Taking advantage of a sabbatical period, Eric was a Fellow at the Chaire Raoul-Dandurand en études stratégiques et diplomatiques (UQAM, Montreal), were he initiated the “Peace Mission” research group working on security and humanitarian issues, and leading simulation seminars on Humanitarian Operations for 10 years. He also published L'aide canadienne au développement (coll. PUM, 2008), Le 11 septembre, cinq ans plus tard - Le terrorisme, les États-Unis et le Canada (coll. Septentrion, 2006), Sécurité nationale vs. Immigration: une violation du principe de non-discrimination (Lex Electronica, 2006), La responsabilité de protéger: un nouveau paradigme ou une boîte à outils ? (Chaire Raoul-Dandurand, 2005), and several articles and short papers on strategic and humanitarian affairs.Eric holds a Master degree in Political Science (Politique Internationale & Droit International) from the University of Quebec in Montreal, complemented with financial & management studies done in Switzerland (IPMA, Internal Audit and recently Corporate Social Responsibilities from HEG & GSEM, Geneva).