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Michael McKay


Independent Advisor and Founder of McKay’s

Michael McKay is an independent advisor and founder of McKay’s, an international management consulting firm based near Geneva. He is also the founder and presenter of “The McKay Interview” on World Radio Switzerland, a popular programme of (mostly) serious interviews and intelligent conversation with prominent people in Geneva and abroad. Mr. McKay had a corporate career in international business spanning twenty-four years and has been an independent businessman for about the same period of time. He is an occasional guest lecturer at the Universities of Geneva and Fribourg, at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, and at NATO Advanced Research Workshops. For some years he has been a non-executive Director of MEC International Ltd., London. He is well-known as the charismatic, former Chairman of the Geneva Chapter of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and still runs its speakers and events programme. Among his clients past and present are the Republic and State of Geneva, HSBC, Expedia, Informa, Ernst & Young, ICRC/CICR, the U.N., JT International, EFG, The British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Intertrust Switzerland, Geneva Trading & Shipping Association, the International Trade Centre, the United Kingdom Permanent Mission to the U.N Geneva, Edwards Lifesciences, Nestlé the International Tax & Investment Center, the Royal Over-Seas League, the European Hotel Managers Association and many others. He is an Honorary Life Member of the American International Club of Geneva; and a member of the Diplomatic Club of Geneva, the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Services (CCIG) and the Vaud Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CVCI). Michael McKay is a graduate of Carnegie College and the University of Leeds. Based near Geneva, he was born in Jamaica, is a British citizen, is married with children and grandchildren, and has lived in Switzerland for thirty–three years.



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