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Amb (Retd) Peter Mulrean


Former US Ambassador to Haiti and former US Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva

Peter Mulrean is an experienced leader of international operations and negotiations. His diplomatic career of nearly 30 years followed the course of U.S. foreign policy priorities, starting in Yugoslavia as it split up, then covering the birth of an economic miracle in India and a common European foreign policy in Brussels. He has led assistance efforts to stave off extremism in the Middle East, promoted local development in Afghanistan, and helped coordinate multilateral response to humanitarian crises around the globe. Until February 2017, he was U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, leading a 1,300-person embassy focused on promoting Haitian governance, economic development, public health and law enforcement. Ambassador Mulrean also led the U.S. humanitarian response when Category 4 Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti in 2016. As U.S. Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, he participated in negotiations on sensitive political issues, such as the war in Syria, as well as on multilateral approaches to a vast portfolio of topics, including humanitarian response, global health, intellectual property, and Internet governance. Throughout his career, Ambassador Mulrean focused on crafting assistance programs to support foreign policy priorities, starting in the early 90’s with the coordination of U.S. assistance to Central and Eastern Europe as that region emerged from its communist past. As Regional Director for the Middle East Partnership Initiative in Tunis from 2004-2008, he established a rapid and innovative grants program to respond to real-time political developments and built networks of activists to support reform in the Arab world. A native of Boston, Ambassador Mulrean has a bachelor’s degree in Government from Harvard University. Before joining the Foreign Service, he taught English as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco, then in China and Japan. He is married and has two daughters.