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Ms Farah Andalibi


Senior Professional in Global Human Capital Management


Farah Andalibi is originally Moroccan and Iranian, she was born in the United Kingdom and lived in various countries including the UK, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, the United States, France and Switzerland. Her rich international background afforded her the ability to blend into unfamiliar contexts and to gain an in-depth understanding of other cultures. During her tenure at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and while working within the Human Capital department, Farah conducted various analysis on the link between cultural intelligence and strong performance within an international business environment. She has worked in collaboration with Nanyang Technical University using IATA as material for this study and has contributed in developing the IATA Leadership Engagement and Development (I-LEAD) program. She was identified as a change agent and initiated various successful projects triggering considerable cost savings and simplifying the business.

After almost ten years working at IATA in various roles and to make broader use of her Human Capital learnings notably from Stanford Executive education, Farah moved to another leadership role at Vestergaard Frandsen (VF) directing their Human Resources department. During her tenure at VF, she has contributed to the Carbon for Water initiative by training households in Kakamega, Kenya on how to use water filters. A program that not only increased employees motivation and provided a purpose to their work but also a program that broadened their cultural understandings. Farah believes firmly that while Information technology has shrank the world into a global village, many conflicts, misunderstandings and business failures could be avoided by introducing cultural intelligence at the earliest stages of education. One of her aspirations is to develop culturally intelligent executive leaders and provide them with training and insight to run operations across geographical boundaries. Her dream is to scale up cultural intelligence by influencing ministries of education to introduce 'cultures' as part of a formal mandatory school subject.