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Ms Mille Bojer


Director Geneva, Reos Partners

Marianne Mille Bojer contributed to founding the Reos Partners offices in both Johannesburg and São Paulo, and is now based in Geneva. She is co-author of Mapping Dialogue: Essential Tools for Social Change, which outlines a variety of transformative dialogue tools and change processes. Rocio Chaveste, co-founder of the Kanankil Institute in Mexico, said about this book: “[It] is a must for those of us who are deeply involved in the process of co-constructing a better future for all.”

Mille has worked on large-scale multi-stakeholder projects addressing challenges including HIV/AIDS, Children, Education, Democracy, Civil Society, Oceans Management, Health, and Sustainable Development.  She has worked at community, national, regional and global levels.  Previously, at Pioneers of Change, she developed expertise in facilitating learning communities, hosting dialogue, and building networks and organizations.