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Dr Chad Briggs


Principal Consultant, Strategy Director, GlobalINT LLC

Dr Briggs is a Principal Consultant with GlobalINT. He has a PhD in political science from Carleton University in Canada, and specializes in translation of complex scientific data into risk assessments and strategic planning. He worked as Team Leader under the Energy and Environmental Security Directorate at the US Dept of Energy, and from 2008-2010 was Senior Advisor for International Security Affairs and Special Advisor on Climate Change and Strategic Assessment. He led the Abrupt Climate Change & Security team for DOE, which was tasked with developing methods to assess security risks of abrupt climate changes and communicating these to policymakers. From 2010-2012 he was Minerva Chair of Energy and Environmental Security at the Air University, United States Air Force, and remains a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Environmental Security in Brussels, and adjunct professor of global security at Johns Hopkins University. Chad has produced a number of reports on strategic environmental intelligence, developed a new risk scenario framework, and briefed numerous leaders and international organizations (e.g. Australian government, OSCE, European Commission, UK MOD, UK DFID, National Academy of Sciences, etc.), including consulting the OSD/DoD. Chad has also worked on post-conflict reconstruction and environmental health issues, including extensive fieldwork in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. After growing up on a farm in rural Wisconsin, he has studied in nine countries since he was first an exchange student to France in 1984. Since then, he has been a Fulbright Professor in Hungary and Berlin, and a university scientist and government analyst.