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Ms Rebecca Chung


Founder, Rebecca Chung Research Translation

Rebecca Chung is Chinese with rich international experience and broad perspectives. After working in the industries in China and North America, Rebecca has conducted research on business management and international studies, and has immersed in executive education at leading business schools such as IMD, Switzerland and CEIBS, China. Believing in the importance of translating research findings into recommendations for practitioners’ actions, she devotes her mind and energy to advocating and exercising this conviction. She has published numerous teaching cases, practice-oriented articles and book chapters on different topics, including a leadership article “The China Question” and a case study “Change at Michelin Shanghai factory” on Financial Times. She also speaks at academic and business conferences around the world. For instance, she presented her thoughts about “Future Scenarios of China’s Economic Role in the World” at the PricewaterhouseCoopers Conference held in Beijing.

Being passionate about the Case Method, she won the EFMD case writing competition several times. Because of her track records of experimenting new pedagogical approaches, Rebecca received the prestigious EURAM Imagination Lab Award for Innovative Scholarship. She was granted a Summer Fellowship in Research Translation for Practice by the Center for Global Leadership, University of California, Irvine.

Rebecca holds a MBA (honored on the Dean’s list) from the University of Western Ontario. One of her aspirations is to further develop insights into China’s role in relation to the world, extending her observations and analysis from the economic and social/cultural aspects to the political and legal fronts. Another aim is to help scale up social entrepreneurship by creating and disseminating knowledge.


Selected Publications

Chung, Rebecca. “Enhancing leader performance through cognitive versatility,” University of California – Irvine’s Summer Fellowship website, 2014.

Fischer, William A., and Rebecca Chung. “Talent Challenge in China II – Building Innovation and Marketing Competencies for the Future,” IMD Web Page - Tomorrow’s Challenges, March 7, 2008.

Fischer, William A., and Rebecca Chung. “The China Question,” Financial Times, October 6, 2006, Mastering Transaction Series: 6.

Fischer, William A., and Rebecca Chung. “Anticipating China’s Future,” IMD Web Page - Tomorrow’s Challenges, October 2, 2006.


Selected Features

Executive Education Customized Program: Leading Change at Michelin’s Shanghai Factory,” The Case Center’s newsletter Connect, June 2014: Issue 11.

Choreographing executive engagement and communication through experimental cases,” The Case Center’s magazine ECCHO, Spring 2007: Issue 37.