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Prof Andrew Clapham


Law Professor at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

Professor Andrew Clapham is Professor of International Law at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, which he joined in 1997. He was also the first Director of the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights (2006 - 2014). Andrew Clapham teaches public international law, international human rights law and international humanitarian law and has widely published on these issues. His current research focuses on war. Since joining the Institute he has also worked as Special Adviser on Corporate Responsibility to High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson, and Adviser on International Humanitarian Law to Sergio Vieira de Mello, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Iraq. He is an Associate Member of Matrix Chambers in London. In 2014 he was nominated by  Switzerland as an Arbitrator under the UN Law of the Sea Convention. He is the author of Human Rights Obligations of Non-State Actors (Oxford University Press, 2006) and has written a new version of Brierly's Law of Nations: An introduction to the role of international law in international relations (Oxford University Press, 2012). He is the co-editor with Paola Gaeta of the Oxford Handbook of International Law in Armed Conflict (Oxford University Press, 2014) and co-editor with Paola Gaeta and Marco Sassòli of a new Commentary to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 published by Oxford University Press in 2015. He is the author of Human Rights: A Very Short Introduction (second edition) published in 2015 by Oxford University Press. IN 2016 he was the co-author with Stuart Casey-Maslen, Gilles Giacca and Sarah Parker of The Arms Trade Treaty: A Commentary published by Oxford University Press.