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Ms Janine Di Giovanni


Middle East Editor, Newsweek Contributing Editor, Vanity Fair




Janine di Giovanni is currently the Middle East Editor of Newsweek, and published a book on Syria for WW Norton and Bloomsbury in the Autumn of 2015. Author of five other books on conflict and war, she has won many awards for her books and reports, including two Amnesty International Awards. Her TED talk on war has received more than 700,000 Youtube views.

She has been reporting international crises since the early 1990s throughout the Balkans, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Her work has taken her to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Chechnya, Bosnia, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan, East Timor, South Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and many other places. She reports on human rights, transitional justice and political processes ending war and conflict.

Last year, she served as an advisor on the Syria Crisis for UNHCR and was a Senior Policy Expert at the Center for Conflict, Negotiation and Recovery at the Central European University. 

She was recently chosen as an Ochberg Fellow at Columbia University and was selected by the AAOV as one of the 100 people working to end armed conflict in the world.

She currently lives in Paris with her son.