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Mr Jyoti Guptara



In 2015, Jyoti was Novelist-in-Residence at the GCSP. When Jyoti dropped out of school at the age of 15 to become perhaps the youngest full-time writer in the world, teachers couldn’t imagine they’d be inviting him back three years later to speak as a bestselling author.

At the age of eleven, Jyoti and his twin brother Suresh decided to stop writing stories they never finished, and finally complete a whole book. The result was a 2,000-page Fantasy trilogy that has sold 100,000 copies in four languages. The Insanity Saga follows the adventures of Bryn Bellyset and the fate of medieval parallel world Calaspia. When his village is destroyed by creatures presumed to be extinct, Bryn is thrust into a world of magical and political intrigue. Eventually he learns that to win the war against the evil force “Insanity”, they must fight not mere monsters, but the monster within humankind — a much subtler battle that must also be fought within each of us.

While still a teenager, Schweizer Illustrierte magazine counted Jyoti among the “100 Most Important Swiss” and the County of Los Angeles awarded him a Scroll of Honour for Special Services to the County for enriching lives through philanthropy, literary achievement, and inspiring other young people.  Jyoti has been to over thirty countries, exploring how to defend civilisation against forces of darkness not only in fiction but also in the 21st century real world.