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Dr Barry Johnson


Founding Partner, Chairman and Creator, The Polarity Map

Dr Barry Johnson is a Founding Partner of Polarity Partnerships LLC. He created t the original Polarity Map and set of principles about how polarities (interdependent pairs) work in 1975. Since then he has introduced Polarity Thinking to people in all walks of life and in many countries around the world.

He has written two books on Polarity Thinking: Polarity Management, Identifying and Managing Unsolvable Problems in 1992 and, with Roy Oswald, Managing Polarities in Congregations, Eight Keys to Thriving Faith Communities in 2009 and is finishing a third: AND, How to Leverage Polarity, Paradox, Dilemma which will be out in 2017. The polarity map and principles continue to evolve through application learning with every client and strategic partner.

Dr Johnson received his BA Degree in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin in 1965 and his PhD in Organizational Development from International College in 1985. Prior to creating the polarity map and principles, Dr Johnson worked in the Civil Rights Movement and was Office Manager of Clergy and Laity Concerned About Vietnam in the 1960's. He also was the founding director of Switchboard, a 24-hour community crisis phone service and founding director of Bullock House, a residential treatment program for heroin addicted adults He is married with 5 children and 11 grandchildren and enjoys travel and kayaking.