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Dr Nikos Passas


Visiting Professor at Basel Institute on Governance

Nikos Passas is Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice and co-Director of the Institute for Security and Public Policy at Northeastern University. He is also Visiting Professor at the Basel Institute on Governance; Visiting Professor at the Centre for Corporate Governance and Business Ethics at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication; Distinguished Practitioner in Financial Integrity at Case Western Reserve Law School; Head of UN Sanctions Implementation Legal Review Services at Compliance Capacity and Skills International; Chair of the Academic Council of the Anti-Corruption Academy in India; Organized Crime Observatory Representative to the UN. Dr Passas is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Crime, Law and Social Change and have served as Corruption Program Director at the Ethics and Compliance Officer Association. His degrees are from the Univ. of Athens (LL.B.), the University of Paris-II (D.E.A.) and the University of Edinburgh Faculty of Law (Ph.D.). He is a member of the Athens Bar. Dr Passas specialized in the study of corruption, illicit flows, sanctions, informal fund transfers, terrorism, white-collar crime, financial regulation, organized crime and international crimes. He has more than 220 publications in 14 languages, including the Legislative Guides to the UNCAC and the UNTOC. His work with UNODC includes the initial production of the legal library of UNCAC-related national texts and the design of the UNCAC review mechanism checklist. He regularly serves as expert witness and consults with international organizations, such as OECD, OSCE, the IMF, the World Bank, multilateral and bilateral institutions, the UN, the European Union, FinCEN, research institutions and government agencies in all continents.