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Dr Wendy Schultz


Director, Infinite Futures

Dr Wendy Schultz is an American futurist living in the UK.  She specializes in participatory futures methods, and focusses on scanning for emerging change; extrapolating potential impacts of change; building scenarios of alternative possible futures; visioning preferred futures;  and strengthening strategy and leadership.  She encourages futures fluency - the ability to recognise, create, and communicate images of our futures - as a means to assess potential risks, critique assumptions, clarify values, and inform action.  In addition to consulting as Infinite Futures, she is an adjunct professor at the University of Houston's graduate futures program, and an associate of both Vision Foresight Strategy and SAMI Consulting; she is also affiliated with scanning platforms Sensemaker and Futurescaper.

Dr Schultz has designed and facilitated futures research projects and training for government agencies, businesses, and NGOs. Recent clients include The Law Society; the International Labour Organisation; Canada's Competition Bureau; the UK Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs; the UK Financial Conduct Authority; and Singapore’s Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning Centre.  Wendy has also worked for the Industrial Research Institute; Pepsico; and Natural England.  One of her first UK foresight projects focussed on detection of emerging risks for the Health and Safety Executive, and she has also presented and offered workshops on emerging risks for Network Rail, the Rail Research UK Association, and the RSSB's Rail Risk Management Forum.