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Ms Sara Sekkenes


Conflict Prevention Partnership Adviser at UNDP Geneva

Ms. Sekkenes holds a MSc in the field of Human and Physical Geography and additional university degrees in Development Studies and Political Science. Working with UNDP since 2006, she now functions as UNDPs conflict prevention partnership adviser working on efforts to achieve a sustained reduction in the occurrence and impact of armed violence. Seeking to promote greater efficiency and effectiveness in humanitarian and development work she also engages in inter-agency efforts to align new ways of working across the humanitarian, development, peace and human rights sectors. Prior to that Ms. Sekkenes worked with Norwegian People’s Aid, a non-governmental organisation actively engaged in issues pertaining to the challenges faced by communities and countries affected by war. During this period, she was based in Africa (Mozambique 2004-2006, Angola 1998-2000) as well as in south eastern Europe (2001) and also engaged in multilateral processes and advocacy on the global landmine and cluster munitions campaigns as well as the Arms Trade Treaty and other efforts to regulate the use of explosive weapons in populated areas and multilateral.