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Mr Serge Stroobants


Director of Operations for Europe and the MENA region at the Institute for Economics and Peace

Serge Stroobants is the Director of Operations for Europe and the MENA region at the Institute for Economics and Peace. He is a former Colonel in the Belgian Armed Forces with an academic specialization in political sciences, international relations, security and defense, global risk analysis, foresight and crisis management. He holds degrees from the Belgian Royal Military Academy, the Free University of Brussels, Université Jean Moulin Lyon III (France), the German General Staff College and Vesalius College. He is an Assistant-Professor at Vesalius College in Brussels, teaching courses on NATO and the Transatlantic approaches to security and on Global terrorism and radicalization. He is considered to be a senior academic specialist on global terrorism and radicalization in Belgium and Europe, with numerous conference and media interventions on this topic. He has served as an expert on the Parliamentary Commissions on the impact of terrorism both in France after the 13 November 2015 Paris attacks and in Belgium after the 22 March 2016 Brussels attacks. He is involved in the support to the victims of terrorist acts: in Belgium as a member of V-Europe, and in Europe and Worldwide via Victim Support Europe.

He is a senior fellow at the Irish College of the KU Leuven and the Global Governance Institute. He is a senior associate at the European Institute for Asian Studies and the Global Institute for Cybersecurity Technologies. He is an alumnus of the International Visitors Leadership Program of the US State Department.

He is 48 years old and the founder and director of BANTS Consulting, his own strategic security consultancy company.