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Dr Robert Dewar


Emerging Security Challenges Programme; Cybersecurity Cluster Leader


Robert Dewar was a Senior Researcher in the Cyber Defense Team of the Center for Security Studies at ETH Zurich.  He has published papers on EU cyber security development, cyber defense policy and strategy, cyber weapons development and the use of exercises and simulations as teaching tools in cyber defense.

Robert holds an MA (Hons.) in Modern History from the University of St Andrews and an MSc in Global Security (Politics, Information and Security) from the University of Glasgow. His PhD thesis was an examination of institutional dynamics in EU cyber security policy-making.  Robert’s research interests cover cyber security and defense policy, security studies, the European Union and historical institutionalism. 

Before moving to Switzerland Robert was a lecturer and tutor at the University of Glasgow and the University of Stirling. He taught courses on international relations, cyber security and the European Union promoting the use of "active learning" in the classroom.

Robert is a dual German and British citizen and speaks English and German.